Windrow turners


Menart - windrow turners benefit from the most elaborate, complete and  efficient technology and have been successfully tested with all types of materials: green waste, household waste, polluted soil, agro-industrial waste, animal evacuation,…

They benefit from the most thorough and efficient development. They are recognized for their robust nature, their high output and the aeration quality of the material, their low running costs and the optimum quality of the mixes.

E-Y-S - EYS Compost Turner is a PTO driven windrow turner machine. Windrow composting is a proven composting method in use around the world for years, and offers an affordable way of composting your organic waste with minimal investment.

The user-friendly design of EYS Compost Turner features hydraulic lifting and lowering of the windrow tunnel for easy transport of the machine as well as improved maneuverability around the windrows. All functions are controlled with a portable handheld control from the tractor’s driver seat.

Compost and Waste
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